Whether it’s your first home or your tenth home, being in a new home is exciting! The new places, the new decor, the new yard, the new opportunities, all selected because they are the next best step for you.  Getting to the point where you have closed on your new home can be great also, or it can be a nightmare of frustration, work, and disappointment. What is it that makes the difference in the experience you have? Often times the difference is the professional expertise on your side during the process.  Every transaction has issues, the difference is how they are handled.

Drawing from the experience we have gained by having sold over $650,000,000 worth of homes in the Greater Chattanooga and North Georgia area, we have published the Charlotte Mabry Team Home Buyer’s Guide to help lead our friends and clients through the home buying process. So many of the disasters, stresses, and pitfalls so common in real estate transactions can be avoided altogether, by applying the strategies, planning, and processes outlined in this guide.


We offer our Charlotte Mabry Team Home Buyer’s Guide to everybody.  No obligation.  No cost. To have your personal copy emailed to you immediately, just fill out the request below, and we will do the rest.

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