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What Are Seller’s Disclosure Forms, and How Do They Work?

When you sell your home, you’ll be asked to fill out a seller’s disclosure form. But what is that all... Read more ›

Is It a Good Idea to Roll Your Student Loan Debt Into Your Mortgage Payment?

Consolidating your student loan debt and your mortgage might seem like a good idea, but the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.... Read more ›

Prepare Your Home Now for the Coming Cold

Now’s the time to prepare your home for the cold winter months. Today I have some places for you to... Read more ›

What a Home’s Square Footage Can (and Can’t) Tell You

How much should a buyer’s home search be swayed by square footage? Let’s get to the bottom of this question,... Read more ›

Will Your Smart Home Sell for More?

While smart-home technology can up your home’s value, there are other issues to consider.   Buying a home? Click here to... Read more ›

How to Save While Renting

If the prospect of saving for a down payment has deterred you from homeownership, these five tips could help put... Read more ›

6 DIY Projects You Should Leave to a Professional

There are six home improvement projects that you’re better off not trying to do yourself. Instead, you should leave these... Read more ›

7 Must-Have Contract Conditions

What should sellers look for when reviewing their contracts with a buyer? There are seven important points I would like... Read more ›

Which Kind of Offer Should Sellers Select?

How can sellers make the right choice when deciding between multiple offers? There are a few important factors they should... Read more ›

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