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When’s the Best Time to Sell?

When is the best time to sell your home? The answer may surprise you. Buying a home? Click here to perform... Read more ›

How Buyers Can Best Position Themselves Amid Multiple Offers

With the number of multiple offers shrinking, now is a great time for buyers in our market. Here are some... Read more ›

Working With Either an Online or Local Lender—Which Do You Choose?

Is using an online mortgage lender a viable option or would you be better off going with someone local? Find... Read more ›

Go Into the Final Walk-Through of Your New Home Prepared

You’re a few days away from closing on your new home, and it’s time to do one last walk-through. Buying... Read more ›

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home in 2019

Taking the plunge and selling your home is a big step, and for some, it’s one that takes some convincing.... Read more ›

How to Keep Your Deck/Patio in Great Shape

It’s springtime—which means it’s time to think about home maintenance. How can you take care of your deck and patio... Read more ›

What Are Buyers Looking for in Today’s Homes?

What kinds of things do today’s buyers love and hate in a prospective home? We’ll be going over a few... Read more ›

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Listing Success?

Unless you want to sabotage your own chance at success, steer clear of these five common listing mistakes. Buying a... Read more ›

Is the Mortgage Monkey on Your Back? Here’s How to Get It Off

Here’s how you can shake the mortgage monkey off your back. Buying a home? Click here to perform a full home... Read more ›

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